Kick Start

2015 began with a garage full of dirt-bikes, completely used and abused from the previous year. Staring down the inevitability of having to do two frame up rebuilds in order to go racing, the smart decision appeared to be a season on the bench. At least, it sounded like the least painful way to handle the budget. Looking for a way to stay involved and be part of the action, a recently inherited DSLR camera that had been lurking on a shelf provided an answer. At least, so I thought, for a race or two ...

February 4th, 2015, in Ute, NV, armed with a good pair of hiking boots and a borrowed safety vest from none other than Greg Yoder (Jackrabbits/MRAN member and key player), I had my first experience of the action from the track-side. Looking back on it, the photos were terrible, the camera was ancient, and I lost the last half of the race photos due to a cheap memory card from eBay. It was a wonderful disaster! A brand new addiction was born and the best part was yet to come. Upon releasing the photos into the wild (on Facebook), the positive response from the racers was awesome. Though much has changed since then, providing a photo that makes someone's day is still one of the best rewards.

The Very First Photo

The Original Camera

The First Race Photo

Soon after photographing a second race it became apparent that this new hobby came with its fair share of expenses. Little known at that time, it may have been more lucrative to rebuild the dirt bikes! Quickly realizing there would have to be a way to justify playing around in the desert with a camera and a bunch of like minded throttle jockeys, the idea of a "side business" surfaced.

As circumstance would have it, there was an incredibly unlikely crossing of paths with impeccable timing. A re-acquaintance with a fellow street rider, whom I'd last spoken to 10 years prior while living half way across the country, just so happened to provide a much needed background in media and web design. Allen, having a similar and taste for throwing caution to the wind, shook hands and went to work. With that simple twist of events, Pro-Motion Photo was born. The last half of 2015 finished with a "deer in headlights" style learning curve, a new website, customers, and an honest work schedule. What started as a hobby and was later implemented as a start-up was seemingly unstoppable. 2016 put a stop to that.

Having had some prior experience with promotions and sales, the new year saw a tightly booked schedule which became force to be reckoned with. Although it started off with a bang, it quickly became apparent that we were under prepared and it was way too much to handle!! After struggling to keep on top of affairs for several months while contributing every available minute, Allen was forced to part ways due to the attention required from his growing family. Though it was a short run, the knowledge gained by working with him was invaluable and largely contributed to my ability to continue. The remaining half of 2016 proved to be a miserable series of lessons while attempting to finish out the year with an overloaded schedule designed for two people working as four.

Bound and determined yet bound not to repeat the recent experience, a self induced crash course in computer programming and web design brings this project to present day. Adhering to a reduced (yet still aggressive) schedule, the lessons learned and some newly acquired skills have hopefully set the stage for a return to speedy performance and beyond. With cautious optimism, it's go time!! Welcome to