Prices and Formats

This page is still under construction so bear with me. A user friendly contact form to handle requests and corrections will be available here. Until it is built and polished to a shine, message me by using the Facebook “Send Us a Message” tab located in the lower right hand corner. Please include the photo’s file number, a brief description of what is going on and, how you’d like to be contacted.

Here’s a brief rundown of prices and formats with a general why and how the photos are processed:

  • First Edition (Unedited Originals) – $2.99
    – 1200×800 Digial Download
    – **Mileage May Vary!**
    The Need For Speed! … A major challenge in the past has been making photos available quickly. The system this website has been developed to run on makes the fresh material available right away, without having to prep, edit, tag, or sort. Of course, this is at the cost of quality and accessibility! … at first. It still takes time to sort tag and edit but, that’s no reason for you to wait!! Hence, all of the original rough drafts are made available right away (for a reduced price) while the tedious work begins behind the scenes. The first step is tagging and sorting everything, a process that usually completes 24-48 hours after a race (depending on the size of the event). At first, you may not find many of your photos with the search form but, with this new process, the tags populate in real time as the photos are reviewed and the tags are entered. During the 24-48 hours following an event, more and more photos will be easily searchable, bad photos will be weeded out and “Out-Takes” will be tagged for further reduced sale. What’s left is a fully searchable set of photos which are all (with the exceptions of the “Out-Takes”) queued for editing. As soon as you see a photo tagged with you race number and name you can request an edit and your photos will get bumped directly to the front of the line. Your high quality, fully color corrected, unblemished photos will generally appear with 24 hours of a request, even if the sorting and tagging process is still under way!! An email or Social Media notification for newly available requests can also be sent if you so desire (you’ll have to tell me how to send the notification if you want this!!). Overall, you need not know the gritty details. It goes like this; The originals are “as is,” the content just gets easier to find and, it achieves higher quality throughout the days following a race. If you want more, sooner … just speak up!!
  • Standard Resolution Edit – $5.99
    – 2400×1600 Digital Dowload
    – Simply put, the same quality and same price as all of the “Pro-Motion.Photo” edited releases.
    Though there are now different quality and price ranges, I’m a firm believer in never offering a customer less for more. This is the quality standard that was set and it will always be available at a competitive and affordable price. Price increases do occasionally have to happen in order to keep up with the Jones’s but, this option will never increase by more than a dollar per year and will never exceed ten dollars. This year, no price increase … I’ll do my best to keep it that way in years to come!
  • High Resolution Edit – $9.99
    -3000×2000 Digital Download
    -A bold new standard with a secret
    This has been an option I’ve wanted to offer for some time but, didn’t know if it could be done while maintaining full coverage. To put it to the test, all of the edited photos released though “Pro-Motion.Photo” since October 1st of 2016 were held to this standard and … It can be done! Largely attributed to better equipment and a lot of practice, this is the true minimum size for all edited photos. The “Standard Resolution” option is simply a reduced version of this new standard. So why pay more? Well, high quality comes into play when you’re looking for fine quality prints, large posters, media publications and sponsors! This option isn’t designed for everyone every time, it’s here when you want to shine!!
  • 9×6 Print with HQ Digital Download – $19.99
    -Printed photo using a high resolution file with quality photo paper and a premium quality printer.
    -3000×2000 Digital File Included
    -Standard Shipping within the continental US is included. Premium shipping available on request. Applicable rates apply.
    -Plastic film sleeve provided for basic protection. Matting and/or framing available on request. The cost of time and materials applies (additional costs will be quoted).
  • 12×18 Print with HQ Digital Download – $29.99
    -Printed “Mini-Poster” using a high resolution file with quality photo paper and a premium quality printer.
    -3000×2000 Digital File Included
    -Plastic film sleeve provided for basic protection. Matting and/or framing available on request. The cost of time and materials applies (additional costs will be quoted).
    -Standard Shipping within the continental US is included. Premium shipping available on request. Applicable rates apply.
    These two sizes of print are handled “in house” and will be hand delivered when local delivery or pick-up is possible. These options will be the last to be made available online and may often require a request to make the option available. This is purely due to the amount of time it takes to fully process an entire set of photos (typically in the thousands per event). If a photo is tagged with a race number/name or if it has edited options available, these print sizes can be made available! (excluding photos tagged as “out-takes”)
  • 24×36 Poster with HQ Digital Download – $49.99
    -Printed Full Size Poster on Gloss Poster Paper, printed by a commercial grade photo printer.
    -3000×2000 Digital File Included
    -Subject to approval. Photo must be of exceptional quality in order to produce a poster of this size. Not all photos can meet the necessary standards. In many cases, a higher resolution file will be provided if available.
    -Poster prints are outsourced locally (for now!). Mounting or framing is not available however local recommendations will be made if framing is desired.
    -Customer Pick-Up is Highly Recommended in order to preserve the condition of media this size. Standard Shipping within the continental US is included if necessary. Premium shipping available on request. Applicable rates apply.
  • Sweeper and Event Volunteer Photos – ALWAYS $0.00!!
    -This applies to Digital Files Only!
    -In-House Print sizes can be made available for a reduced price. Please don’t abuse this, printing is expensive!
    You may very well my find your sweeper or volunteer photos with a price tag … at first. This is because everything is made available before sorting and tagging occurs. If you see your sweeper or volunteer photos with a price tag attached, simply send a message and the price will instantly disappear! I understand first hand what individuals sacrifice to keep our local race series alive and well. You will not go underappreciated at MotoCanon!!
  • Out-Takes (Unedited) – $0.99
    -Average quality photos with varying flaws deemed “shareable” but, not worthy of editing.
    -AS IS … **Mileage May Vary**
    Often times a sweet shot is just a little off, blurred, out of focus or cut off. In some cases out-takes are kept for promotional uses as segments, photos not necessarily attractive on their own with potential for use in collages, flyers, graphics, or digitally altered renditions. In this category, what you see is what you get.  These are mostly photos that are not sharp enough for high quality applications but, they would be a shame to throw away. If you purchase an un-tagged photo which you discover later becomes an “out-take” photo, simply send a message and a coupon code will be issued for the difference. Coupon codes issued for this situation will be applicable to any purchase and will never expire. In addition, if you purchase an un-tagged “First Edition” photo that is less than stellar, send a message with the file name included. If I agree with you (which is likely), the price will be discounted to “Out-Take” status with the difference issued as a coupon code, just the same as buying a photo that is later reduced. Of course, any issues with any level of photo will be listened to and, almost always, some accommodation will be made. For “First-Edition” photos to apply for a demotion to “Out-Take” status they should show obvious focus or blurring issues in a significant portion of the photo. Photos which are dark, poorly contrasted, somewhat grainy, or overexposed yet otherwise sharp and in frame are generally not considered bad. Most, if not all, of those issues can be fully corrected in editing unless they are very extreme. In the case of a “First-Edition” photo that does have undesirable traits which are correctable, the cost of the initial purchase will be counted against the price of the edited version. The edited version will be “top-listed” and made available quickly yet, as always, you will have no obligation to purchase it.  

I think that’s about it until this page is refined. Any questions or concerns, please send a message. Facebook is the best method for a fast response however, any other method is just fine. If you send smoke signals (that I can see/understand), I may just be impressed or entertained enough to reply with a discount. See you at the races!!